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Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems


You can use this page to make an appeal regarding the clamping of your vehicle.

Enforcement Notice Details
Please enter the full 10 digit number and EN prefix
ie EN1234567A

The Enforcement Officer on duty is employed to clamp and de-clamp vehicles as instructed by the procedures and guidelines prescribed. Once a vehicle is clamped the Enforcement Officer is not empowered to remove the clamp until full payment is made as to protect and ensure their integrity.

Only under extreme circumstances will clamps be removed from a vehicle and these circumstances are only executed by order of Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems Management. Generally these instances are reserved for emergency situations only.

However, in certain circumstances errors or valid reasons may need to be considered by appeal. Therefore an appeals procedure is in place to facilitate those persons wishing to lodge a written appeal for review and consideration after payment has been made online at

Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems
Second Appeals - Independent Process available here.

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